Renting vs. Buying

At High Impact Services, we create individualized experiences for each client to help them get exactly what they need at the best possible price. Customizing that experience often comes down to a specific question: should you rent or buy your trade show display?

trade show check-in counter
trade show check-in counter

When it comes to trade show displays, renting is the fastest and most flexible solution

When you rent a display, you have access to affordable, high-quality displays. Plus, since we design, print, and assemble your rental displays in-house, you'll get to enjoy a fast turnaround and streamlined logistics that will take the stress out of your trade show experience.

If you need a quality display that you can use for years on end, buying is for you

Buying a display lets you have a hands-on approach over your exhibit. You'll manage all the logistics for your unit, which is great for those who are looking for a uniform display to use at every trade show they go to.

Trade Show Displays: 
Renting vs. Owning Comparison

If you're not sure whether renting or owning your trade show display will be the best option for you, here's a quick comparison chart that breaks down the benefits of each in more detail:

Rent It

  • Flexibility: It’s easy to change your display graphics and booth design to meet your evolving market needs. You’ll have the ability to update style, booth size, and message for every show.

  • Reduced Cost: If you’re renting, you’ll pay less up front! It’s as simple as that. You’ll also have access to premium, highly complex displays, but still won’t have to deal with recurring storage or maintenance costs—that’s on us.

  • Quick Turnaround: We have an unlimited number of customization options available for our rental displays—plus, since all graphics can be printed in-house, we are extremely efficient in sourcing and assembling various accessories for your exhibit.

  • Streamlined Logistics: When you use rental units, you can leave all the logistics of display delivery and assembly to our experts. We’ll make sure that all the unique pieces of your display are shipped together and show up exactly when and where you need them, so you don’t have to worry about a thing.

Buy It

  • Standard Usage: If your display needs don’t change as much from show to show or year to year, a purchased booth can help you standardize your trade show experience: the same size, the same needs, always on-hand.

  • Controlled Logistics: When you own a display unit, you control every aspect of its transportation and assembly!

  • Streamlined Customization: Owning a trade show booth allows you to customize the same pieces and parts of your display over time. You’ll know exactly what you need to customize, which could save you the hassle of fitting your branding into unique rental exhibits every time you have a trade show.

  • Cost-Efficiency Over Time: Owning a unit costs more up front, but if you plan on using the same display, you may end up spending less overall than you would by renting multiple displays each year.

Ready to Rent OR Buy?

We'll handle both! Schedule a consultation with one of our trained project managers to get started today. Still not sure what choice is best for you? We'll walk through your needs and options and help you find your ideal display solution.