High Impact Services

Solutions for Every Display Need

Making an impact on the trade show floor isn't always about being 'bigger and better.' It's about quality, attention to detail, efficiency, and so much more—that's why we don't stop at just manufacturing your display. We provide all the services you'll need to get a great display that takes your business to the next level, taking care of everything from project management and graphic design to installation, dismantling, and freight, or whatever else you might require.

We know your goal is to leave a meaningful impression with clients and increase the return on your trade show investment through effective and creative marketing—our goal is to help you do that with a premium, turn-key solution that will raise the bar at every step along the way.

Our Trade Show Exhibit Services

Trade Show Project Management

Project Management

We'll act as your guide from your very first call, providing you with a dedicated project manager that will see your display through from start to finish

trade show exhibit design

Exhibit Design

Once we know your particular goals and trade show requirements, we'll create a unique, eye-catching display solution that exceeds your expectations

trade show graphic design

Graphic Design

Our expert graphic design team can help generate or tweak your designs

trade show graphic printing

Printing Graphics

Our advanced manufacturing facility allows us to print just about anything

trade show freight


Trade show logistics are complex and time consuming efforts—we've streamlined this part of the process and know exactly what it takes to efficiently deliver your display materials anywhere you need them

trade show Installation & Dismantling

Installation & Dismantling

Years of industry experience have helped us build a nationwide network of I&D professionals who can handle all the logistics of exhibit assembly and disassembly—we'll take care of all the heavy lifting